"Absolute Power" - a unique method of express -«Абсолют-Энергия» - уникальный экспресс метод (English) Hosting Ukraine
"Absolute Power" - a unique method of express -«Абсолют-Энергия» - уникальный экспресс метод (English) @Mail.ru

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"Absolute Power" - a unique method of express -


"ONLY energy surplus people were MANKIND TO PROGRESS AND MORE»

We have the honor to bring to your attention our center developed by the group and practically proven energy - resonance - vibration - information - transformational - generational approach. (Know-how), "Absolute Power" on the basis of advanced technology, unique and energy-efficient practices.

World, the peoples of the planet changed (transformed), thanks to new technologies, and football is in place (at a standstill).

I propose to bring players to a higher level of physical, neurophysiological, mental, intellectual advancement and personal growth, as well as the harmonization of the standard of readiness, achievement motivation, willpower, personal virtuosity, versatility, functionality requirements.

Energy (mental) space - it's quantum physics, astronomy, classical physics ... In short - it is also a science. Man needs energy as oxygen ... preferably positive, because we all want a quality lifestyle - is now the priority of long-term success. It does not present chemical synthesis, illegal drug - food, shamanism - but need knowledge in order to receive it in full, distribute, and use effectively. To do this, and there are experts!

The method of rapidly expanding consciousness, increases the information field, activates the intrinsic motivation, functional data, unconscious inner reserves players for the rapid and steady transition to a personal mobile universalization with a bias to achieve a productive purpose, almost without interfering in the training process.

Technique is able to create out of the ordinary players growing up and change - real high-class professionals. Then the club will not have to spend millions of dollars on the purchase of foreign players. On the contrary, the popularity of players increases so that they will be able to participate competitively in the transfer transactions. This is the guarantee of progress and prosperity of any club! Cheerleader with great joy will fill the stadiums and with delight to watch the game of your favorite team in which eleven homegrown pro.

The methodology provides the specification ready for all the team for the basic structure and for youth (one of the processes in which we will be taking an active part). This standard will allow each player to objectively assess the level of readiness of each other at the moment (individually - a professional level of readiness before each match official for 8 - 12 hours before the start). This is a necessary measure to achieve a healthy (noble) competition within the team. The training process will be a constant object of our attention and as soon as we determine who of the players discrepancy of five positive energies immediately begin to work out of it (point selection). As you can see - everything is transparent! Team will reign supreme honesty, integrity, sincerity, and this component of genius.

That is not true of standard and conventional techniques. Most of today has so coaches betrothed conservative mind that almost always end up "failed" match "debriefing" in the form of its own monologue, and many games come down to the mother of good luck. This coach should be creative, with flexible thinking and the ability to constantly learn new knowledge qualitatively advanced methods.

In today's footballers large luggage inadequate utilization: superstitions, beliefs, signs, traditions, rituals, magic, rituals, duhovyzyvanie, idolatry, religious fanaticism of the church, the mass of all kinds of addictions, obsessions, fanaticism, bindings, a sense of self-importance - significance - property destruction competition ... and it is not a complete list of the explosive mixture! Each of them takes a percentage of energy (paying attention to the medieval wild habits and negative fantasies percentage of leakage power player is constantly increasing) the athlete and the team as a whole (this is a swan, crayfish and pike at all levels).

In a method specifically designed fusion energy (know-how) on the basis of civilized advanced energy technologies, Under the influence of these energies on the psycho-emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and ancestral genetic resource athletes they are maximal activation of natural and extraordinary abilities of the body.

For 10 years the method has been tested experimentally with positive results in 97%. The work was done with all age categories of players phantom - remotely.

Depending on the selection, intelligence, spiritual growth, physical and thinking speed players, as well as the spatial conditions and tasks management of the club - a program on the application of methods analyzed and designed as universal.

Energy method "Absolute" maintain a high active players in shape during the whole period of his sports career to 40 years or more if they want it, and blocks 99% of the incidence of injuries and players, even by his own fault. The skillful management of energy - physical, psychological and emotional, mental, spiritual, genetic birth - is the key to high performance and productivity.

It is known that today when the clubs (and major institutions), there is a department ЭнергоПсихоТерапевтовАналитиков. Our team is able to maintain the highest standards of efficiency and enegetichesky endurance and team players, aiming at achieving high results.

To date, the method has proved its effectiveness and viability of the sport and gave great thanks to the experimental results of our qualified professionals consisting of Masters Cosmoenergy and psychoanalyst.

There is so-called "frequency noise" - is the wave emanating from the planet ("heartbeat" - the rhythm of the earth) with a specific frequency of 7.8 Hertz. She was so stable for a long time that the military set up their instruments on it. However, the rate began to increase: in 1994 - 8.6 - Hertz, in 1999 - 11.2, and at the end of 2010 - about 12 Hertz. Most of the people she has slipped from 7 to 2 Hertz (these are people with no positive for the community, you can define them for inflated self-importance and a great sense of self-importance; dispose of them - a brake on your progress, and if it is close - Revitalizes them and be generous financial ). Energy method "Absolute" raise the vibration frequency of the human body with any frequency, and aligns with the pulse of the earth, and above 12 Hertz, continuously maintaining compliance with the human body rhythm of our planet (one of the first factors decrease the frequency of vibration - meteozavisimost, superstition, the repetition of situations, forgetfulness, cyclic , naive, obsession, initiative, clowning, jokes).

Energy relaxation of the procedure changes the structure and restores the energy the human body at the cellular, molecular and atomic level, while protecting, body healthy, cleansing, charging energetiku.Pri this transformed consciousness, brain activity, the information field, the physical, psycho-emotional, mental, spiritual and the genetic potential of the human family. The result - the satisfaction of labor, respectively - the joy, the progressive nature of intelligence, the finale - the "personal growth"!

Adaptation of athletes (regardless of age) to the energies and maintaining them is through relaxation and attunement - the work is performed consistently all year round. General Sessions: 2 - 3 times a week, shorter sessions: pre-match and post-match, a mini-session: Ambulance-time interval as needed and psychoanalysis selectively during the month. As a result, provides a comprehensive approach. It becomes obvious that the effective operation of the method depends on the amount and stability of the general sessions. If genetic birth plan worked footballer - accelerating the impact of energy on it for 3 - 6 months.
With a weak team selection and utilization is the steady progression within a year.

Energy - that's the basis of everything.
Energy can not be created and can not be destroyed.
Energy is the result and the cause of everything.
The energy needs of uniformity presence.
The energy is constantly in motion.
The energy flow in the body uses only clean meridians (corridors).
The energy change in the quality of this property is energy.
Displaces the energy of any body all negative.
Energy - that's all!


Five distributors energies of the human body and the definition of data for the athletes.

Physical Plan

1. maximum energy
(Via energy relaxation)
2. absolute rate
(Physical fitness, endurance, stamina, endurance)
3. mobility
(Agility, flexibility)
4. muscle strength
(Static, dynamic, explosive)
5. dynamism
(Energy and power)
6. speed
(Initial and total)
7. virtuosity
(Work with the ball, kick, dribbling)
8. industry
(Responsibility, organization)

Psychoemotional plan

1. emotional stability
(Self-control, patience, sincerity, diplomacy, compassion)
2. energy control - stress - resistance
(Anti - anxiety,-experience,-melancholy-pity, compassion, empathy, conviction, apathy, irritability, - the panic, hysteria, depression)
3. concentration and distribution of attention
(Field of vision, speed of reaction)
4. maximum discipline
(Perception, acceptance, recognition, remorse ...)
5. words, speech, actions, thoughts, emotions, desires, feelings,
(Value and respect for one's health ...)
6. leakage of energy - it's time to unload - to cultivate
(Ignorance, fear, lust, envy, anger, anger - not blissful attitude towards themselves and society)
7. The mind - brain activity - the two hemispheres
(Formation of ideas, goals and sustainability ...)
8. intellectuality
(Continuing need to support - to improve)
9. team - cooperation of like-minded
(Teamwork, friendship, mutual assistance, mutual understanding, level of socialization ...)

Mental Plane

1. The maximum speed of thought
(Via energorelaks)
2. increase in the information field
(Perception of reality)
3. flexibility and responsiveness of thinking
4. shaped, rapid and involuntary memory
(Instantaneous assessment of the situation)
5. high achievement motivation
(Dedication, intuition, inspiration, interesting ...)
6. confidence in himself
(Courage, self-discipline, vision ...)

Spiritual Plan

1. study load of a thin level.
(Energy-information programs and impact analysis: self-esteem, pride, vanity, CDA, CSY, guilt)
2. study load of dense level.
(Thoughts, images, thought-forms, binding ..., evil eye, adequacy, CNS)
3. expansion of consciousness
(= Thought the idea = Plan = target = intelligence = development as a joy to behold =)
4. match reality
(Orientation, awareness, commitment to learning, understanding of knowledge ...)
5. intelligence and the progress of intelligence
(A test)
6. personal development
(Genuine love for myself and others)
7. development of spirituality
(Ethics, morality, analysis, observation, ethics, aesthetics, intelligence ...)
8. mind heart
(A Little Knowledge: pride, vanity, betrayal - a lot of knowledge: experience, wisdom, humility)
9. intelligence
(Incorporated genes plus education, can not alter, full compliance spiritual man)
10. energy
(Psychic - positive balance, negative, anti-energy)

Genetically generic plan

1. hereditary conditionality
(Gene, monogenic, polygenic, chromosome - the disease, mutations ...)
2. gene level
(Violation of cholesterol, proteins, metals, lipids, carbohydrates ...)
3. kind of tree
(Research, knowledge, attitudes, acceptance, purity - the tree of the genus ...)
4. a public person
(Currently 70% of my students MASTERS work in the service of public people, protecting, body healthy, cleaning and charging them energy)
5. family
(Sincere attitude, respect, offspring, family hearth, comfort ...)
6. blood kin
(Relationships, respect, father, mother, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, grandparents).


Consciousness perceives, categorizes, transforms and coordinates activities on the basis of foreseeing the consequences, depending on the availability of information.

The consciousness of this complexity to their role, the relationship with memory (past and future people).

His consciousness is a specific mechanism of the mind, can not comprehend, but it needs to be cleaned regularly.

Consciousness is an essential "purity" of the phenomenal expression.

Consciousness is the active principle of the matter.

Consciousness, as the matter is eternal, it can not be created nor born.

Consciousness authentic reality - objective idealism.

Consciousness directs the production of the subject, not the pleasure needs (dismemberment)

Human consciousness as a reflection of an object independent of it and attitude towards the subject.

Consciousness and the need for the closest possible language, the language - a form of consciousness of man as a social individual.

Consciousness delays, objectifies and through actualized knowledge by which man realizes the reality.

Consciousness as the highest form of man in the process of building up even more developed.

The expansion of consciousness in man harmonizes - material and spiritual - culture.

Consciousness is motivational and evaluative nature - it is always motivated (comprehension, selection, evaluation, and expected outcome), pursues certain values of life.

Consciousness can be determined through an analysis of the level of sleep and wakefulness.

Consciousness through the possibility of factor concentrate is capable of attention.

Consciousness creates a call to action (work).

Consciousness does not reflects the work of the brain.

Consciousness - Extended generates the impulse to great work.

His consciousness is consciousness of the presence of that person is in the process of life.

Consciousness because of it people can be aware of himself and others.

Consciousness is not a finished education, its constantly need to develop and expand.

Consciousness gives the activity, which is associated with the presence of targets in humans.

Consciousness support intentionality - focus on an object.

Consciousness - a phenomenon amenable to voluntary regulation - this is our reality.

Consciousness can be considered through psychoanalysis.

Consciousness is unconsciousness (the pleasure principle), preconscious (rules, norms), unawareness (all on the road), identification (stimuli, negatives, grief), cognition (all new), awareness (all about the past), the subconscious (archive memory ...) .

Consciousness to increase power and to expand it possible by means of energy (space channels).

TEST ... Multi-factor-functional questionnaire (it's like a lie detector). In order to meet the TEST-standard (level of personality, intelligence, spiritual development and correction ...) need to work hard. Get rid of at least 1% degradation or the psycho-emotional-mental problems and need a tool expert. Today, only a psychoanalyst energoterapevt-plus method of "Absolut" are able to respond quickly and efficiently to restore all the test points in the complex entire human body. All the players of the club will be once a month to be tested for compliance with the high level of five energies.

1. Leadership

2. Altruism

3. Naivety

4. Recidivism

5. Pessimistically

6. Emotiveness

7. Impulsiveness

8. Psychoneurosis

9. Rigidity

10. Immorality

11. Individualistic

12. Optimistic

13. Introversion

14. Escapism

15. Ability

16. Maturity

17. Impulsiveness

18. Epilepsy

19. Domination

20. Dissimulation

21. Shyness

22. Originality

23. Gloom

24. Pharisaism

25. Prejudicialness

26. Self-satisfaction

27. Rivalry

28. Crime

29. Dependence

30. Cynicism

31. Ego strength

32. Strumming role

33. "Elder" - "Captain"

34. Features responsibility

35. The conversion reaction

36. The denial of symptoms

37. Tolerance to stress

38. The desire to tell a story on himself

39. The reaction of somatization

40. Predictions of changes

41. The defeat of the caudal nucleus

42. Psychological interests

43. Low commitment

44. Ulcerative personality type

45. Defensive reaction to the test

46. The ability to teach

47. Advocates personality type

48. Score improvement

49. Mental retardation

50. Low adaptability

51. Quaintness of perception

52. Family disharmony

53. The tendency to headaches

54. Focus on Health

55. Attitude to work

56. Overall poor adaptability

57. The complex judgment

58. Authoritarian problem

59. Psychomotor acceleration

60. The need for empathy

61. Somatic complaints

62. Suppression of aggression

63. Inner poor adaptation.

64. IQ

65. Intellectual efficiency

66. Control

67. Beyond control

68. Beyond the control of "I"

69. Alcohol differentiation

70. Alcoholism

71. Relationship to Other

72. Attitude to yourself

73. Ideas poisoning

74. Ideas of persecution

75. Alarm reaction

76. Anxiety

77. Perceived anxiety

78. The displacement of anxiety

79. Anxiety

80. Femininity interests

81. Femininity

82. Neurotic control over

83. Neurotic low control

84. Neuroticism

85. Hidden hypomania

86. Net hypomania

87. Explicit hypomania

88. Factor paranoia

89. Explicit paranoia

90. Latent paranoia

91. Pure paranoia

92. Explicit hysteria

93. Open hysteria

94. Hysteria net

95. Explicit psychopathy

96. Hidden psychopathy

97. Net psychopathy

98. Explicit depression

99. Depressive reactions

100. Subjective depression

101. Mild depression

102. Net depression

103. Paranoid schizophrenia

104. Net schizophrenia

105. Prognosis of schizophrenia

106. Male Female

107. Masculinity

108. Rigidity men

109. The stability profile of men

110. Emotional immaturity

111. Emotional SENSITISATION

112. Emotional neglect

113. Net hypochondria

114. Predipohondricheskoe state

115. Social responsibility

116. Social desirability

117. Social participation

118. Social status

119. Social exclusion

120. Perceived hostility

121. Expressed hostility

122. Hostility

Power outage (in most cases, the percentage of pre-match loss of energy 20 - 30% loss of energy from one player only negative news - 10 - 50%, one must also take into account the subtle and personal level where congestion occurs constantly leaking energy: positive mental images, thought forms, vizualki people and friends - and there's a certain percentage of energy loss ...)

Specific factors in% energy loss per day before the official game.

  1. both spent the evening (emotion, passion, movement) ...%
  2. Sleep and Dreams (% energy recovery) ...%
  3. morning, rise, toilet, breakfast, mood, contacts, conversations) ...%
  4. standard of readiness in 5 levels) ...%
  5. lunch, what products and what is the quality (the main body so that a minimum of energy consumption for processing foods ... (least liquid))%
  6. contact with people and loved ones ...%
  7. telephone conversations, news, events, their quality ...%
  8. rest before the match ...%
  9. match preparation ...%
10. warm-up ...%


Nick Tosark "Ukrainian Center of Cosmoenergetics"

Phone: life +38063-8387-510,,, MTC +38066-2951-363


E-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Thin (mysterious) level ... Materialists worship what they see and can feel his senses. So when the world begins to crumble, they have a lack of understanding and great fear before his death. Yes, it's scary when the mind is unable to accommodate more than a tiny physical world, one of the trillions of worlds. Materialists of the skeptics grow! They are constantly in a state of self-deception, in the illusions of its multidimensionality (ya-vsemoguschiy!), not believing in the subtle world. When narrowing of consciousness awareness that they are three-dimensional they are not available. Subtle world why it is called a thin, mysterious, cryptic, hidden, invisible, mysterious ... KNOWLEDGE OF SMALL WORLD - a tool for intellectual progress and salvation from the torment and suffering.

To date, and it is "no secret" all the wealthy people and the public, as well as many athletes and entertainers include two of protection (defense) - physical and energetic. On the topic of a thin layer (damage) of any civilized person will not talk, as if it did not concern him, but cleans his thin layer (aura) regularly 2 - 3 times a year by a specialist every time recalling privacy. In a sport very much built on the magic of the internet and all this is written in detail. But no one wants to truly accept the fact that the "middling" won the champion and leader only because of the judge struggling to make the match a draw, and many other funny things on the football field. The energy method "Absolute" completely insulates the players and staff from the intrusion of magic (voodoo). Triumphs on the field unconditional justice!

Of course, damage is not all believe and try to look for other logical explanation illogical situations of sudden ill health, the emergence of the most difficult situations in the family and work. Today, magic and witchcraft is back in fashion, and thanks to a huge number of various wizards, witches and sorcerers who want to earn some money, the corruption has become one of the most popular and ordered services. People do not shun anything - if only stronger "annoy" to its rival, opponent, colleague, neighbor, companion, former friend or relative of the hated. And the girls are mainly categorized under the love spell of men and destroy opponents. Bewitches only "the rich" for the manipulation of love and not a speech. And everyone knows that privorozhenny - it is a toy and energy donor in the hands nimble ladies. Bewitches girls soccer players a few dozen times. Thus there is a leakage of energy and experts say, out of shape. That is, the player sits down on the bench and usually it's a long time.

Official medicine - Newtonian approach - orthodox methods are based on treating only the physical body of man. That is the main treatment methods are aimed at the investigation (the surface of) the withdrawal symptoms and the cause of them remains in the body in (depth) as an information - destructive programs and strains. After treatment, only the physical body disease necessarily returned. The energy heals people in the complex - are removed and the physical and information, and energy defects, ie MOST IMPORTANT - removes the causes of diseases.

Not so seldom do we hear or come across such stories that happen as if by themselves: flowering and wholesome man suddenly began to melt away like a candle, the other died for no apparent reason, and doctors have not been able to put his diagnosis, the third sorts treatment simply do not help and do not bring any results, loving and kind husband suddenly starts to get annoyed at the sight of her, more recently, his beloved wife, but hatred and resentment of his heart no more tests, but honest and loyal man suddenly rushes into alcoholism and booze. Such defies logical explanation thousands of stories, but the result is always the same: broken career, destiny, life crippled and poor health. In summary spoilage - is an attack on human terrible destructive, negative force through the energy channels, which essentially is an untouchable criminal offense. Of course, damage is not all believe and try to look for other logical explanation - illogical situations of sudden ill health, the emergence of the most difficult situations in the family and work.

But I think everyone needs to know that the damage - a concept quite extensive, which manifests itself in each case differently. Today, mass loaded low vibration due to the jealousy of people are willing to be friends with the dark forces and to do mischief, and literature abound. A favorite trick of various magicians who are not averse to such kinds of earnings, it is a charm cemetery land, dead water, which is produced by all sorts of spells and salt, which is also widely used, podsypaya in food, beverages, shampoo, throwing the door to the apartment or podsypaya or clothing the victim.

Money - is energy. People say that all the sorrow and misery because of the money. Let's talk about money. Today humanity the fullness of matter is expressed most versatile tool - money! One of the main principles of the energy potential is that matter - a synthesis of matter and energy. Creator, born to a mother laid the ability to control it through the energy. And the amount of energy a person needs to own and control matter. Energy is always free and it is all over. The energy of money is fixed in the human energy. Expression of energy potential for humanity on the physical plane is money. Money - a flexible, fluid expression of matter. They can move, they can be manipulated, you can play with them - to increase or decrease the rate of money. When a person receives a salary - he feels the energy surplus. Money is like a piece of paper - it is matter. But money has a certain amount of fire, strength and energy. Any money that we get from sources we get in two ways - in Matter (mother) - the cost, and in the aspect of the Subtle World (the Father) - a unit of energy. By 1 penny - one penny goes energy automatically.

Here is the latest news on the impact of energy on the players - information programs.
Nigerian defender Turkish "Ordurspora" Ayila Yussuf, whose contract belongs to Kiev "Dynamo", accused his ex-wife in an assassination attempt in order to assign the condition of the athlete. According to the 28-year-old football player, mother of his two children Gbemisola enjoys religious fetishism and magic. "One day in our house in Ukraine, I opened her wardrobe and found a variety of magical things, including a snake in a bottle of gin-drenched.

Among the hopes Eurofootball hit and the player "Dnepr" Eugene Linnet. Eugene told his club's players as they go to church to remove damage and how to change the atmosphere in the Ukrainian national team. "Did not get points just out of the blue. We already go to church, we try to spoil to remove from the team. Doing my best."

According to Jeanne, the loss of our team would be much deplorable if the Ukrainian players were not superstitious. "Sheva kneels down, touches the grass and baptized the same hand, and goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov makes a spell at the sand and throws it across the field before the game! All of our players have their own rituals and talismans, and most of all use the services of psychics, "- says Jeanne Shulakova ..

Olga Buzova afraid of spoiling and losing Dmitry Tarasov. TV presenter, who was married on June 26 for a football player Dmitri Tarasov, very afraid that her husband one day cease to love her.

Of any trip or travel Victoria Beckham constantly brings pagan figures and talismans. And once having been in South Africa, the wife of footballer able to communicate with local shaman of an ancient tribe. African sorcerer spent cleansing ritual by which the family Beckham touches more evil, black magic and spoilage. And he told Victoria about how the stars can predict events in life. Then the master of the Shaman class she became more serious about astrology and horoscopes.

According to the Portuguese edition of "Correio da Manha," Spanish sorcerer Pepe leads to damage of a football player. Pepe has admitted that he received € 15 million from the "rich, famous, not European woman from a very respectable family." She was the mistress of Ronaldo and "expect a man, not Barbie," told the sorcerer. Wanting revenge footballer Pepe she begged to do everything possible to the star of "Real" because of an injury and could not continue his career. Pepe's claims that it was because of his wizardry Ronaldo injured his ankle during a match with "Marcel". The newspaper "Diário IOL" claims that the mysterious woman is Paris Hilton. Publication of "24 Horas" writes that the environment has taken Ronaldo journalistic rumors seriously and hired in response to the sorcerer by the name of Fernando Nogueira, known by the nickname Fafe. He plans to take damage with candles.

The most expensive footballer in the world was the victim of black magic midfielder "Real" Cristiano Ronaldo out of action for about a month because of an ankle injury, resulting in a qualifying match of World Cup 2010 against Hungary. After the match, he returned to Spain for the survey.

This dramatic story proves that in sports joke with otherworldly powers not worth to. Shamans, witches, psychics - faithful companions athletes. In Africa, for example, no team can do without a sorcerer. In Tanzania, the national championship clubs constantly fined for "unsporting behavior and the use of voodoo rituals." Football players are taking it very seriously: in particular, out on the field after a pass intended for the fans, and not through the main gate. So they hope to avoid the evil eye and spoilage.

More recently, the coach of the England football team, Steve McClaren blamed for the defeat of the Russian national team on unknown Siberian shamans, who were present at the match in "Luzhniki".

In Kiev have brought the crown, saving from damage. The shrine in Jerusalem and helps to strengthen the will to resist conspiracies and magic rituals. This unprepossessing at first metal band has a miraculous power.

Before the semi-final match against Russia at the European Championships in the Spanish football fans gather to perform the ritual voodoo sorcerers, and thus impose a curse on Russian players. Football fans and the occult in Spain offer to buy a small stuffed Russian football player and beat the tar out of him with pins.

Spirits come ... and promise to help. Charge of our athletes to win fans and magician Michael Andreev going every day of the competition - to the end of the competition. He is sure that on the side of a large team of opponents sorcerers who commit ritual and induce damage to the Russian athletes. Protect our athletes from failures Michael believes the magic of honor.

Artist of Oksana Hozhay in interviews talking about it. "Our family is cursed - other explanation troubles that fall down on us from all sides, I can not find - actress told reporters. - Severe illness I loved the people, the inability to bear a child, and yet I am constantly pregnant, but each time the pregnancy ends in miscarriage
. "

On the mechanism of creating egregor. Thus, this structure can occur spontaneously (rallying like-minded people), as artificially (imposition of certain paradigms of thinking, often a minority to a larger group of hominids). Any political, social, cultural, religious, philosophical, conceptual structure of thinking group of people can be characterized by the attributes of time, speed and space. When on the football field is a match between two teams of football players, in parallel there is a conflict between two energy egregores: fans of different football clubs. People unknowingly participate in a magical process - the outcome of the match is decided not only on the field, as it was during the confrontation between the two groups of fans. The victims in this case, as a rule, are inevitable, most egregores charge a fee for their use of it in blood. So football fans so often die from heart attacks, strokes and heart attacks it was during a football game, sacrificing his life force just for fun, thinking that they are doing something for your favorite team. They admit in their own lives disastrous egregor football, which brings natural destruction, tears and frustration. But the totality of human thoughts are formed not only on the football field, as well as in the political, religious and social life of any country.

A lot of this information on the Internet.
Hereditary clairvoyant, psychic and Magus. Love magic - love spells, binding, the connection paths in life, return of loved ones, esoteric harmonization of family relationships, eliminating rivals, the opening of a cold heart, Money Magic - connection to the money channel, the removal of monetary units, to attract customers and buyers, energy protection business, rituals for the development of and business growth; rituals and charms for love, luck, health and prosperity ... Every whim for your money ...

 The beneficial effects of Techniques "Absolute Power"

From what one gets rid of negativity on a subtle level METHOD WITH "Absolute Power"? ...

- Aggression, anger, rage, malice, revenge, zhlobstva ...
- Empathy, compassion, empathy, compassion, manipulation ...
- Critics convictions, gossip, envy, comparisons, evil eye ...
- Provocation, blackmail, incitement, adventurous fuck ...
- Resentment, ignorance, rudeness, boasting doubt, bad luck, jealousy ...
- Depression, stress, apathy, psychosis, conflict, fatigue, obedience ...
- Kontrolerstva, imposing, initiative, curiosity ..
- Feelings of guilt, fear, low self-esteem, hallucinations and illusions ...
- Selfishness, self-centeredness, a sense of great importance, relevance and ownership ...
- Pride, vanity, arrogance, pleasure, fame, success ...
- Sorry, disappointments, delusions, unbelief, ignorance ....
- Suffering, suffering, mental pain, manyachestva, obsession ...
- From complexes, obsession, clowning, pessimism, whining ...
- Demonstrative, idleness, inflated self-importance, greed, bigotry ...
- Spiritualism, divination (prediction), rolling around in the future or in the past, communication with spirits or entities and other objects.

From what one gets rid of negativity on the dense levels through the technique of "Absolute Power"? ...

- Alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction, gambling addiction, mazhorstvo, prostitution ...
- Gluttony, a gourmet, beer lovers, shopogolizm, workaholism ...
- Solitude Print loneliness, the crown of celibacy, childlessness, a member of the ties ...
- Kladbischemanii, tserkvomanii, molitvomanii, sotsiummanii, Shoumaniya ...
- Idolatry, religious fanaticism of the church,
- Curses, ancestral curses, curses maternal, paternal curses, curses related ...
- Vampirism, energosuschnostey and spirits of Energy programs and the effects of various bindings nekrotiki links with the world beyond the grave (all graveyard) ...
- From the traditions, rituals, beliefs, superstitions, will - created by dead ...
- Mental images, thought forms, conspiracy, slander, (damage) ...
- Coding, zombie, love spell, spells, incantations ...
- Living with the owner, podklyuchek, psychotropic weapons, split personality ....
- Blocks, udavok, clamps, self-hatred samoporchey ...


- Operational testing of karma, consciousness expansion, an increase in the information field ...
- Grace thought, brightness of ideas, clarity of purpose ...
- Systematic, progressive, high intelligence ...
- Merit, diligence, satisfaction, joy ...
- High energy, luck, luck, lucky ...
- Attention, observation, analytic, organization ...
- Morality, morality and spirituality (intelligence) ...
- Ethics, aesthetics, kindness ...
- Sincerity, patience, humility, intuition ...
- The genius, phenomenal, wisdom ...
- Gift to knowledge and learning, self-improvement, self-realization ...
- The force of will, cheerfulness, a variety of energy, warmth and the ability to be desired,,,
- Material well-being, financial stability and a happy personal life and a strong family.

What is the benefit of the individual regarding health thanks to the technique of "Absolute Power"? ...

- Improvement of the physical body first on the gross (pre-trial) level, then - average, cellular, molecular, and so at the level of atoms, protons, electrons, neutrons (causal) ...
- Persistence of immunity, recovery and harmonization of hormonal, metabolic, cardiovascular, endocrine, lymphatic, circulatory, skeletal, muscular, urinary - sexual systems, as well as the central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, skin, all the organs and all. that part of the indivisible human body.
- Only the energy can 100% restore any organism and human too.

I WISH ALL THE MERITS FOR MORE WORTHY of all its innermost and deepest wish ... YOU POSITIVE ENERGY, HIGH (Hz) vibration frequency of getting rid of ego and illusion ... REALISTIC and genius YOU thoughts, ideas, plans, goals ... INTELLECTUAL PROGRESS, mobility , satisfaction, joy ... Personal growth ... continuous improvement ... HARMONY OF TWO WORLDS OF THE MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL. (Nick Tosark)


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