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Cosmoenergetics of Nico Tosark
«Transnational Center of Cosmoenergetics»
Magister of Cosmoenergetics (Progressor)
Nico Tosark
What does attunement in the Matrix of Magician provide?
You always get to the right place and at the right time.
You are moving at the moment "here and now".
And you will never lose touch with reality.
The chain of positivity becomes for you - common.
People, situations, circumstances are attracted - everything for the soul.
Accomplishment of desires - at once intention - plan - action - result (bypassing - faith, hope, dream, doubt, etc.).
There is an effect of ordering of consciousness and arbitrary control of attention.
The inner mental-emotionality becomes completely neutral.
The power of emanations (all 77 chakras) increases and gives rise to awareness.
You become an energy generator not only for yourself, but for everyone who surrounds you.
Events are formed in the way that is necessary for you.
You do not need to open channels - you need to work with the cause-effect of the situation or a question.
and the channels will open by themselves in an amount that would solve your desire, idea, purpose, etc. in a comprehensive and operative manner.
The manifested Matrix of Magician gives a person the opportunity to build his life according to his own mission.
You are the creator of your life and the magician of your own universe.
Matrix Magician is a complete over-energy-information security of a person.
The Magician Matrix is a work of about 3000 frequencies in the automatic mode.
The process of opening channels is carried out using the control of the Matrix of Magician.
The channels begin to work automatically under the control of the Matrix of Magician.
In our Сenter we realize the initiation, attunement, training in full, as well as treatment
sessions also for English-speaking people from all over the world.
The Center has a professional translator – the Magister of Cosmoenergetics, fluent in English.
All relations between the Master and Trainee are built on trust, transparency and decentralization.
Initiations and attunements in all methodologies and channels (frequencies) are held every day
from 11.00 a.m. to 22.00 p.m.
All works are carried out online in Skype or in presence.
The effectiveness of both variants is 100 %. 
Do not consult with illiterate advisers who have personal interest…
Matrix of Magician 
 Initiation and Attunement 
Matrix of Magician - 12 + 12 + 12 + 12 +12 + 12 = 72
Back in the day Academician V. Petrov definitely said that the Matrix of Magician – is the conditional 12 levels, and the number of these levels can grow at any time – everything will depend on how rapidly the world around us will change.
In a super-changing world a person wants to keep up and make progress in different spheres of life, far and wide, as well as to participate in all processes. For this purpose he or she wants to have a huge personal energy-information multifunctional baggage – the of Matrix Magician, which works in a full autonomously-automatic mode according to the principle like everything in the Universe. 
After just five years after Academician V. Petrov left to the Other world, many of his followers, which were striving for superharmony and universalization, realized that the Matrix consisting of 12 levels is fine, but this is no longer enough to hyper-expansion of  their capabilities.
In 2012 on the base of my Center it was decided to expand the Matrix of Magician (Magister) to 48 levels and attune in it from 13 to 48 levels only people who participated in making this decision and took part in the development of this expanded Matrix.
In 2014 the Matrix of Magician expanded its capabilities to 60 levels, and at the beginning of 2017 additional 12 levels were added, for the time being the Matrix of Magician has 27 levels.  
Today the Matrix of Magician with 13 – 72 levels due to its superefficiency has moved beyond our Center: more and more people are eager to be attuned in the expanded Matrix of Magician.
Since 2017 it has been decided to attune in the Matrix of Magician (Magister) of 72 levels all Masters of Cosmoenergetics who wants to be initiated. 
 (people, who have minimum the initiation in 12 basic channels of Cosmoenergetics, the initiation in 4 fundamental channels of Zoroastrism and the initiation in Block Hutta of minimum 15 frequencies). 
This process is already irreversible and we welcome it with great admiration!
The world around us is changing not every 100 years, but annually and many people say that every month ... 
The Matrix has acquired its extension. 
And we do not want to be in a state of monotony and obsolescence.  
The world around us is changing constantly, and we are full of energy and enthusiasm to keep up with the times.
In this regard there is a magnificent, effective tool – the Matrix of Magician.
High-vibrational person in a changing world is changing himself and first of all helps to change his relatives and other people.
 The world around us is changing. And a person who exists in a changing world, but does not change himself, ceases to fulfill his function.   
We must give our energy to those who are with us side by side and also to the process of self-improvement.
Only in this case we will obviously feel the quantum jumps - the quality of our soul and heart and the world around us are changing, and we are changing ourselves due to our intellectual progress through expansion of our consciousness.
Matrix of Magician - 72 levels
1 - 12 levels - Planetary - the basis. 
13 - 24 levels - Fundamental. 
25 - 36 levels - Transformational. 
37 - 48 levels - Sublimated. 
49 - 60 levels - Synthesized. 
61 - 72 levels - Quantum.
 1 - 12 levels. 
(3 – variants of attunements) 
 (music compositions - standard)
1 - variant. 
Attunement in all 1 - 12 levels – 3 000$. 
Attunement in 1 level at a time.  
The price of attunement in Matrix of Magician by levels:
 1  ... 1 - level - 200$.
2  ... 2 - level - 200$.
3  ... 3 - level - 200$
4  ... 4 - level - 200$
5  ... 5 - level - 200$
 6  ... 6 - level - 200$ 
7  ... 7 - level - 300$.
8  ... 8 - level - 300$.
 9  ... 9 - level - 300$
10   ... 10 - level - 300$
11  ... 11 - level- 300$
12  ... 12 - level- 300$ 
2 - variant. 
Attunement in all 1 - 12 levels - 2 400$. 
Attunement in 2 level at a time.  
The price of attunement in Matrix of Magician by levels: 
2 - ... 1 - 2 levels - 400$.
2 - ... 3 - 4 levels - 400$.
3 - ... 5 - 6 levels-400$ 
4 -  ... 7 - 8 levels - 400$ 
  5 - ... 9 - 10 levels-400$ 
   6 - ... 11 - 12 levels-400$
3 - variant. 
Attunement in all 1 - 12 levels - 2000 $. 
Attunement in 2 level at a time.  
The price of attunement in Matrix of Magician by levels: 
1 - ... 1 - 3 levels- 500$. 
2 - ... 4 - 6 levels- 500$. 
3 - ... 7 - 9 levels 500$ 
  4 - ... 10 - 12 levels - 500$ 
 13 - 24 levels: 
 (music compositions - overlapped)   
Attunement in all 13 - 24 levels - 1 200$.  
Attunement in all 3 levels at a time.  
The price of attunement in Matrix of Magician by levels: 
 1 - ... 13 - 15 levels - 600$. 
 2 - ... 16 - 18 levels - 600$. 
3 - ... 19 - 21 levels -600$ 
4 - ... 22 - 24 levels - 600$
in transformational 25 - 36 levels.  
(music compositions - compound)   
Attunement in all 25 - 36 levels - 2 400$.  
Attunement in all 3 levels at a time.  
The price of attunement in Matrix of Magician by levels: 
1 - ... 25 - 27 levels - 600$.   
2 - ... 28 - 30 levels - 600$. 
3 - ... 31 - 33 levels - 600$. 
4 - ... 34 - 36 levels - 600$.
in sublimated 37 - 48 levels.  
(music compositions - merged)  
Attunement in all37 - 48 levels - 1 200$.  
Attunement in all 3 levels at a time.  
The price of attunement in Matrix of Magician by levels: 
1 - ... 37 - 39 levels - 600$.   
2 - ... 40 - 42 levels - 600$. 
3 - ... 43 - 45 levels - 600$. 
4 - ... 46 - 48 levels - 600$.

in synthesized 49 - 60 levels 
(music compositions– sound-vibrational)  
Attunement in all49 - 60 levels - 1 200$.  
Attunement in all 3 levels at a time.  
The price of attunement in Matrix of Magician by levels: 
1 - ... 49 - 51 levels - 600$.   
2 - ... 52 - 54 levels - 600$. 
3 - ... 55 - 57 levels - 600$. 
4 - ... 58 - 60 levels - 600$. 
61 - 72 levels.  
(music compositions- резонансные 
Attunement in all 61 - 72 levels - 1 200$.  
Attunement in all 3 levels at a time.  
The price of attunement in Matrix of Magician by levels: 
1 - ... 61 - 63 levels - 600$.   
2 - ... 64 - 66 levels - 600$. 
3 - ... 67 - 69 levels - 600$. 
4 - ... 70 - 72 levels - 600$. 
...Training - theory - practice and consultations (as a gift) – it is for all trainees regardless from which school a person states his or her willingness to study in our Centre. 
---  A diploma and certificateof international standard is awarded (or sent in electronic form and then a person prints and laminates it by himself).
The right to transfer the technology of attunement other people in Matrix of Magician – the price minimal + agreed-upon price
For initiation you need to buy one crystal of QUARTZ and 30 candles such as for the aroma lamp (form - a large tablet). 
At the initiation (in distant manner) – you need to have SKYPE. 
Attention! This attunement and therefore the information below is presented only for practitioners (as well as practitioners from another schools and centers) 
Matrix of Magician – is the attunement, which includes 3 000 of password-free energy frequencies – 
all frequencies (channels) of all blocks and methodologies: 
Everything that has been recognized by mankind during many centuries is binded to global mental evolution.
The Matrix of Magician will include over 3000 energy frequencies. They will work in daily life in automatic mode, but it is applied only to the person who is attuned in the Matrix of Magician.
To get a full attunement in 72 levels of the Matrix of Magician, as usual, several attunements are required due to the fact that during one attunement a person and his energy system can take only from 1 to 3 levels.
Matrix of Magician – is a certain program of a person’s life realization. To change this program in a positive way by yourself you need to make very huge efforts, to come through severe crisis or material reincarnation.
Mental activity of an ordinary person within the society prevents him from reacting adequately to the external impact of the anti-field and to bring his desires and intentions in the reality of consistent implementation. Every thought of a person that needs to be embodied in material actions is a subject to change by an "attack" from the surrounding energy-informational field.  
An important moment on the way of achievement the desired results is the ratio of the person's internal strength and his real capabilities. To date the world of magical reality allows to make changes in the person’s Matrix, enhance his possibilities and degree of awareness. The matrix change of a person's consciousness strengthens his abilities in mental activity in relation to the external information field.
The intent of the operator-Magician allows to apply a general holistic influence on the Trainee. In other words, there are significant changes in the very matrix of human genius. The impact on the subconscious produces a very powerful change in the structure of the Trainee's energy bodies, which provokes a huge explosion in his mental, inner and social spheres of life. Changes in the relationship with external information fields lead to the fact that over time the need for physical impact on people and circumstances becomes unnecessary waste of time and person’s efforts.
Due to the Magic Matrix of Consciousness, only man's desire or intention is sufficient to obtain the desired result.
The existence of a person in a rude low-level vibrations is replaced by subtle energies of the Soul, which total power is not limited.
Magical Reality.
Magic – is a science, a deep Knowledge of the occult forces of nature and laws of the Universe that rule the visible and invisible world.
E. P. Blavatskaya.
Matrix of Magician in Cosmoenergetics.
The Matrix of Magician – is an act of the Divine creation, the creative energy of the Universe, which affects you and your possibilities and involves you in the great energies of creating life on the planet. The event line, the chains of cause-and-effect relationships will build life in such a way that you are moving along the path of realizing your true destiny.
Also you get an increase of your personal power and energy for realization of new positive opportunities. But these opportunities you will use only in the frame of your real life mission.
Not every person is able to understand in full the work of Matrix of Magician. Every time you feel you recognized it, the Matrix of Magician will show itself in a new dimension and give you another vital task. A Wayfarer who has chosen this path is never mistaken as the Matrix of Magician learns the line of supersubstantial evolution. Everything is movement and learning. The Matrix can be initiated from the Magister's level. After the initiation the Magister of Cosmoenergetics moves to a new level of energy management. From the opening of the channels with the help of keys a person is switched to the automatic opening of all channels available to him or her. Initiation in the Matrix of Magician is a necessity for all Magister’s of Cosmoenergetics without any exception.
«Transnational Center of Cosmoenergetics»  
Academy of Cosmoenergetics of
Magister (Progressor) Nico Tosark
There are branches of our Center in the following countries: USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, India, China, Israel, Turkey.
Berlin, Moscow, Odessa.  
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