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MATRIX OF MAGICIAN – when you can be initiated

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MATRIX OF MAGICIAN – when you can be initiated?
Cosmoenergetics of Nico Tosark
«Transnational Center of Cosmoenergetics»
Magister of Cosmoenergetics (Progressor)
Nico Tosark 
Under a very large flow of people willing to be initiated in Matrix of Magician,
I will answer the most important question.
Many people asked me, when they can be initiated in Matrix of Magician in all levels.
 In my Center I attune people, who have minimum the initiation in 12 basic channels of Cosmoenergetics, the initiation in 4 fundamental channels of Zoroastrism and the initiation in Block Hutta of minimum 15 frequencies.
There is also an exception for certain individuals when I am attuning
in Matrix of Magician people who have only 2 - 8 channels of Cosmoenergetics.
There is also such a format for initiation into the Matrix of Magician, when a person wants to be initiated only
in Matrix and nothing more. After the interviewing this person, I will make a decision.
Do not worry, I will attune everyone who wishes, but not all at once.

Matrix of Magician – is a certain program of a person’s life realization. To change this program in a positive way by yourself you need to make very huge efforts, to come through severe crisis or material reincarnation.
Mental activity of an ordinary person within the society prevents him from reacting adequately to the external impact of the anti-field and to bring his desires and intentions in the reality of consistent implementation. Every thought of a person that needs to be embodied in material actions is a subject to change by an "attack" from the surrounding energy-informational field.
An important moment on the way of achievement the desired results is the ratio of the person's internal strength and his real capabilities. To date the world of magical reality allows to make changes in the person’s Matrix, enhance his possibilities and degree of awareness. The matrix change of a person's consciousness strengthens his abilities in mental activity in relation to the external information field.
The intent of the operator-Magician allows to apply a general holistic influence on the Trainee. In other words, there are significant changes in the very matrix of human genius. The impact on the subconscious produces a very powerful change in the structure of the Trainee's energy bodies, which provokes a huge explosion in his mental, inner and social spheres of life. Changes in the relationship with external information fields lead to the fact that over time the need for physical impact on people and circumstances becomes unnecessary waste of time and person’s efforts.
Due to the Magic Matrix of Consciousness, only man's desire or intention is sufficient to obtain the desired result.
The existence of a person in a rude low-level vibrations is replaced by subtle energies of the Soul, which total power is not limited.
Magical reality
Magic – is a science, a deep Knowledge of the occult forces of nature and laws of the Universe that rule the visible and invisible world.
E. P. Blavatskaya.
Matrix of Magician in Cosmoenergetics.
The Matrix of Magician – is an act of the Divine creation, the creative energy of the Universe, which affects you and your possibilities and involves you in the great energies of creating life on the planet. The event line, the chains of cause-and-effect relationships will build life in such a way that you are moving along the path of realizing your true destiny.
Also you get an increase of your personal power and energy for realization of new positive opportunities. But these opportunities you will use only in the frame of your real life mission.
Not every person is able to understand in full the work of Matrix of Magician. Every time you feel you recognized it, the Matrix of Magician will show itself in a new dimension and give you another vital task. A Wayfarer who has chosen this path is never mistaken as the Matrix of Magician learns the line of supersubstantial evolution. Everything is movement and learning. The Matrix can be initiated from the Magister's level. After the initiation the Magister of Cosmoenergetics moves to a new level of energy management. From the opening of the channels with the help of keys a person is switched to the automatic opening of all channels available to him or her. Initiation in the Matrix of Magician is a necessity for all Magister’s of Cosmoenergetics without any exception.
«Transnational Center of Cosmoenergetics» 
Magister of Cosmoenergetics (Progressor)
Nico Tosark 
Berlin, Moscow, Odessa.  
Mobile connection: 
«Viber»,  «WhatsApp»,  «Hangouts» ,   
«LINE», «Sender», «Imo», «Telegram»,  
The branches of our Center: 
New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, 
Frankfurt on the Main, Paris, Madrid, 
Vienna, Oslo, Prague, Warsaw, Athens, 
Ottawa, Tel Aviv, Ankara, Istanbul, Canberra, 
 Brasilia, New Delhi, Beijing, Baki, Kharkiv, Dnipro, 
 Kiev, Vinnytsya, Lviv, Minsk, Chisinau, 
Astana, Alma-Ata, St. Petersburg, 
Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Tyumen.
In our center we realize the initiation, attunement, training in full, as well as healing 
sessions also for English-speaking people from all over the world. 
The Center has a translator – the Magister of Cosmoenergetics, fluent in English. 
The service of an interpreter is non-payable. 
All relations between the Master and Trainee 
are built
on trust, transparency and decentralization.
Initiations and Attunements in all methodologies and channels (frequencies) are held every day from 11.00 a.m. to 22.00 p.m.
All works are carried out distantly online in Skype 
or in presence, all at the wish of the Trainee
The effectiveness of both variants is 100 %.
Do not consult with illiterate advisers who have personal interest…