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Cosmoenergetics of Nico Tosark
«Transnational Center of Cosmoenergetics»
Magister of Cosmoenergetics (Progressor)
Nico Tosark
In our Сenter we realize the initiation, attunement, training in full, as well as treatment
sessions also for English-speaking people from all over the world.
The Center has a professional translator – the Magister of Cosmoenergetics, fluent in English.
All relations between the Master and Trainee are built on trust, transparency and decentralization.
Initiations and attunements in all methodologies and channels (frequencies) are held every day from 11.00 a.m. to 22.00 p.m.
All works are carried out online in Skype or in presence.
The effectiveness of both variants is 100 %.
Do not consult with illiterate advisers who have personal interest…
All works are carried out online in Skype or in presence.
(it depends on the distance and opportunities of a trainee or a patient)
The effectiveness of both variants is 100 %.
Initiation in Fire Egregor Zoroastrism
(14 –  frequencies)
(the block consists of 11 frequencies)
Information for trainees and patients.
For initiation you need to buy:
1. 3 QUARTZ crystals or in extreme cases 3 crystals of light gray granite with grains of QUARTZ (the volume – so that it is convenient to keep in hand – one crystal is hanged on the chest, you need to have a pocket with lacing).
2. Several dozens of candles such as for the aroma lamp (form - a large tablet).
3. 150 cm of copper wire, a diameter is 2-3 mm.
4. White towel to wipe your feet.
5. All clothing should be white: a headscarf, panties, socks, a robe or a long shirt, or trousers and a T-shirt, or just a white bedsheet.
6. The duration of initiation in one channel lasts 40 minutes.
7. At the initiation (in distant manner) – you need to haveSKYPE. 
1.   During the initiation period you should have no sex.
 2. During the initiation period you should limit the food intake. Water, juices and green tea – there are no limits.
     3. For women during the menses initiations and attunements are strictly prohibited!
 Initiations, attunements, training, theory and practice are carried out in presence as well as in distant manner – online in SKYPE.
This knowledge does need to be studied up, they are transferred from the Magister to the Trainee – it is called "PARAMPARA".
Zoroastrianism is the energy of materialization and not only.
Space Egregors - this interpretation is not correct. There is one Egregor, but different frequencies.
Frequencies are working with a system (mass) of cause-effect relationships.
For work candles and phytogenic smoke are required. It is better to put a candle on a plate.
You can use any smoke fume rituals.
It is advisable to work with one desire during one session, but it is possible to work with several desires.
One candle – for one desire.
The desire must be real and consistent.
For instance: the first desire – “I want to meet a man”. Then after meeting you formulate a new desire, but not vice versa as it often happens. The second desire – “I want to get married… (the name of a particular person)”.
Through the channels thought images are going, for example, the shadow of a passing bird, i.e. not the bird itself, but its shadow, or the shield of the warrior, and so on.
For each frequency there is a name and a thought-image, so that you can work with the frequency faster.
The result depends on the state of your karmic vessel. It is also well cleaned by these frequencies.
The system of causal relationships is working very powerful.
It takes from 2 hours to 2 months to make your wishes come true.
On the subconscious level there is a hint about what not to do and what should happen.
Realization of any adequate consecutive desires. Activation of volitional powers. Formation of strong-willed Intention to achieve the goal. Healing.
The frequency of wealth, welfare, love. Infertility treatment. Healing.
The frequencyof Water.
Large-scale evolutionary changes in human life.
Soft, powerful "female" energy. Also it works with weather. Helps while traveling. Healing.
4. МАХ
The frequency of Moon.
Itworkswithchildren. Helps in overcoming insomnia, depression. Suspension of internal dialogue. Healing.
The frequency of Happiness. It brings luck, prosperity. Harmonization of relationships.
Attraction of financial prosperity. Healing.
The frequency of Sacred fire.
General energy cleaning of the energy body.
Elimination of troublesome energy bindings. Working with depression. Healing.
The frequency of Passion.
All kinds of work with sexual energy – one of the main life energies. Repair of one’s forces. Functional recovery of
urinary-genital sphere. Harmonization of sexual life.
The frequency of War.
It works for destruction of bad habits, bindings, negative energy impacts, etc., as well as for a creation positive things. Removes energy impacts. Works with
bad habits. Rectification of an injustice. Healing.
The Defender.
The frequency of global protection: physical, psychological, financial, etc.
The cult of the dead.
Works on the destruction of poltergeists and noise in the apartment.
The frequency of evil.
Works for evil (akin to Ratha): as a protection of the Magister of Cosmoenergetics. It works automatically. Never open and use it!
Master of stars and rains.
It is used in the treatment of eye diseases: cataract, glaucoma, myopia, hyperopia.
The frequency of judgment, justice and balance.
The universal force.
It harmonizes two worlds: material and immaterial.
The frequency of light and goodness.
It enlightens (cleans a person powerfully).
Helps to keep self-control, inspiration, imagination and intuition.
It increases the effect of all frequencies by several times. This frequency is very good to be used during all sessions.
All prices for purchase the methodology of Zoroastrism in our Center and price for the right to transfer the technology of initiating other people – in detail.
Zoroastrism - 11 + 3 frequencies
1 - ...Initiation in block of 11-frequencies – the cost is 600$ – three initiations three days running.
2 - ...Synthesized 3/1 - Initiation in block of 11 – frequencies – the cost is 400$ – only single initiation.
3 - ...Individual initiation (FROM THE  BLOCK of 11 FREQUENCIES) in one or several channels – the price of one channel is 80$.
4 - ...Initiation in channels Ormuzd, Tishtrija, Rashna – the price of one channel is 80$.
...Training - theory - practice and consultations (as a gift) – it is for all trainees regardless from which school a person states his or her willingness to study in our Centre.
---  A diploma and certificateof international standard is awarded (or sent in electronic form and then a person prints and laminates it by himself).
The right to transfer the technology of initiation and attunement other people in frequencies of Fire Egregor Zoroastrism.
The right to transfer the technology of initiation and attunement other people in frequencies of Fire Egregor Zoroastrism –  price – 800$.
One session is 80$
Zoroastrianism is the energy of materialization.
Each session may helps to solve the following issues: find true love, overcome matrimonial difficulties, become successful in business, find good job, etc. It is a way to make your life more conscious and start the path to a harmonious and happy life. Zorofrequencies help you to overcome negative traits, complexes, depressions, strengthen intuitive perception of the world.
 In fact, they help to look at the world in a new way, a lot of things become clear and obvious, and already at this stage most of the everyday "problems" will be solved, because the world will open in its true light.
The session includes consultation as a gift.  
This session can be done in Skype (please send me your Skype name). Duration: 40 - 60 min.
Academy of Cosmoenergetics of
Magister (Progressor) Nico Tosark
There are branches of our Center in the following countries: USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, India, China, Israel. 
Berlin, Moscow, Odessa.
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