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«Section...Cosmoenergy frequencies»

Tables of three blocks of channels HEALING, MAGICAL, MAGISTER’S.

Magical block of channels–BRIEFLY




1st Magical

(Pervyj magicheskij)

Cleaning, protecting, removing and returning to the black master the hoodoo of any force and prescription: a hex, evil eye, envy, conspiracy, spell, all kinds of curses, utilization of all kinds of essences, spirits, necrotic, all cemetery, afterlife, funeral, hypnosis, zombification, coding, crown of celibacy, a seal of solitude, frigidity, childlessness, etc.


Carries a man's energy (development, movement, activity, pressure). Characterized by an inflow of enthusiasm. Relieves depression and stress, restores vitality, cleans powerfully. The indications are: a
chronic fatigue syndrome
, apathy, lethargy, the inability to realize one's creative element in the material plane. Promotes business development, material welfare, realization of plans and ideas, promotion in society. It is used to stop the transport. Do not open on aggressive people. Gives energy, strength, spirit, will, enthusiasm, working efficiency, adaptation. Activates logic, intuition, interest, imagination, inspiration.


Cleaning, protection; prevents fights, scandals, aggression, anger, spite, ignorance, hatred, nervousness, anxiety, fear, stress, depression, insomnia. It cleans the space very good.

Agni - Hum

Universal channel. It is used in severe cases and in the treatment of any disease. Powerfully cleans from witchcraft, negative energies, hoodoo, evil eye. It enables to be getting rid of Entities. The male aspect of this channel (Agni) purifies and fills the cocoon with the energy of activity and movement, the feminine aspect (Hum) draws in dirty energy, removes aggression. The channel aligns the energy balance.


It is the channel of is a sincerely cordial relations and unselfish love. It is used to create favorable, friendly relations with people: in the family, at home, with relatives, children, at work, in society, with the opposite sex, with officials and bureaucrats, etc.


The channel works with seriously ill who do not get out of bed. It gives a feeling of lightness, facilitates the general state, when other channels do not help or work slowly. Works with blood-strokes and
serious diseases. It gives levitation, lightness, the state of flight, the desire to create.


Breast augmentation, correction of the breast shape, any breast diseases. Mastopathy is treated with SHAON and other canals. Unique hyper-energy protection for women from physical and psychoemotional violence.


The channel for astral travelling, informational. Restores the aura, harmonizes the soul and body. Removes from the person and utilizes absolutely all the energy negative that exist on Earth and in the Space.


Golden Pyramid

(Zolotaja Piramida)

The channel is used to clean and protect not only the patient, but also a large area from epidemics and diseases (by “definite intention”); heals wounds and burns. Cleans and restores the work of energy centers in it’s primevalness.


It works with schizophrenia, epilepsy, fainting, mental attacks, infantile cerebral palsy (ICP), when removing from drinking bouts.


Healing of animals (the animals do not have "lotus")


 (Lunnyj Svet)

Anesthesia. Toothache, wounds, cuts, etc.


Cleaning, removal of bindings, expulsion of Entities and negative influences, energy feeding, removal of nervous stresses, failures. Powerful cleaning channel. It pulls heavy, dirty energy, removes spoilage, evil eye, curses, connections with the lower worlds. Works well for the removal of patrimonial curses. It is used for excited, aggressive people - calms, harmonizes the internal state, removes aggression and stress, corrects behavior. Carries the energy of calmness and passivity; do not use with depressive states.


Gives information about how to heal a person, helps to diagnose. Informs about the past, present and future, can answer almost all questions. Develops the cocoon, contributes to the opening of "energy vision." Expands and cleanses the consciousness, sense, mind, brain, information field. Works well in pair with Gektas.


Powerful informational channel. Cleans and removes everything that interferes with the reception of information. The channel powerfully cleans and expands consciousness, promotes the development of creative abilities, activates the work of the upper chakras. Together with the channel Midi answers any questions (open at the same time).

Channel for Sanctification of Objects


(Kanal Osvjashhenija Predmetov)

Powerfully cleans objects and goods from negative energy, charges with clean energy. It is used to clean houses, offices, warehouses, shops. Allows you to make and consecrate amulets and talismans for a variety of purposes.


Removing karma from previous generations (up to 7 knees, opens on the patient only once a year). The channel does not take away the personal karma that the patient has gained during his life, but gives opportunity to work it out easy and quickly.


Weight loss and it’s normalization tightens the skin, heals and regulates metabolism, endocrine profile, endocrine and immune systems, thyroid gland. Does not allow you to make the weight below the norm, but returns to normal status.


Removal of any pain (except for the headache), "breaking" of dirty energy.


It is used in rare cases when the work with channels does not give the desired effect. It is used for any diseases (when recovery is delayed) and in difficult situations.

Healing block of channels–BRIEFLY




Main universal channel, the training starts from this frequency. Heals all diseases, but slowly. Removes from fainting and coma. During surgery operation and after it the channel allows to reduce blood loss, accelerates the healing process, urgently works on burns healing and stomach ulcer. It used to saturate the cocoon with energy in the case of its lack, restore the nervous system and immunity.


Neutralizes external negative energy impacts: evil eye, hoodoo, exiles energy parasites. Cleans the cocoon from negative energy. It is used for cleaning apartments, offices, various items, objects, products, liquids, etc. Works against enuresis, pains of a different nature, thrombophlebitis, hearing loss, varicose veins, “ear, nose, throat” diseases, dental disease, hearing problems, relieves inflammation, erysipelas. In conjunction with the channel “Farun-Budda” cleans and heals specific organs, restores the chakras work. Also, the channel can be used for protection anywhere and anytime, both for oneself and for others.


Enhances the effect of other channels, if used in conjunction with them. It is mainly used in conjunction with the channel Firast. Powerful cleaning channel. Restores the chakras work, heals the diseases of the central nervous system, psych, eliminates fragility of blood vessels, helps to fight with old fates and complexes, cleanses the head from "energy dirt", helps to reduce thoughts about alcohol and drugs, relieves the headache, restores thyroid gland function and aligns the aura.




It is similar to the channel “Dzhilius”, but “Kraon” is softer. It is indicated for treatment of any problems with blood and hematopoietic system. Clears blood in case of diabetes, jaundice, etc., partially has a positive effect on the spleen and hepar. Normalizes the content of leukocytes and bilirubin, eliminates the effects of radiation. Strengthens the immune and endocrine systems.


It is similar to the channel “Kraon”, but “Dzhilius” is harder. It is used for treatment of all blood diseases, including the second degree cancer.


It works with intracranial and intraocular pressure, glaucoma. Straightening of the skull bones (only for infants).


Diseases of heart and cardiovascular system. Occasionally it is used as additional channel to other channels for treatment of influenza and allergies.


Ophthalmic diseases. In many ways it is an analogue of the frequency “Surij-Sanlaj”, but “Ranul” is harder.


It is used for treatment of alcoholism, smoking, drug dependence. Removes the hangover effect.


Improvement of kidneys, hepar, gastrointestinal tract (infection, poisoning, etc.). It can replace the channel “Svjatoj Moisej” (“Saint Moses”).


It is used to improve vision, to treat skin diseases (including allergic), gangrene. Purification of blood from parasites. Regarding of working with the eyes, it is an analog of the “Ranul” frequency, but softer.

Svjatoj Budda

(Saint Buddha)

Work with hernias, scars, postoperative scars, fractures. Heals joints and stomach, destructs tumors of the digestive tract.

Svjatoj Iisus

(Saint Jesus)

Improvement of joints, elimination of catarrhal diseases and throat diseases, normalization of pressure (hypotension, hypertension, vegetovascular dystonia), decrease of temperature. It is used to clean rooms and expulse hostile entities.


(Saint Moses)

It works with the respiratory tract, hepar, kidney, stomach. In many aspects is analogous to the “Risur” frequency.

Svjatoj Muhammed

(Saint Muhammad)

All types of allergic diseases, wound healing, normalization of the endocrine profile. Destruction of warts, papillomas, lipoma, hair in unnecessary parts of body.


The frequency for women rejuvenation, it works for anti-aging. It is used for normalizing the endocrine profile, for smoothing wrinkles, for face-lifting, restores the potency. Improvement of thyroid. When working with a specific organ, it improves and accelerates the healing effect.


The frequency for men rejuvenation, it works for anti-aging. It is used for normalizing the endocrine profile, for smoothing wrinkles, for face-lifting, restores the potency. Improvement of thyroid. When working with a specific organ, it improves and accelerates the healing effect.


Against all types of cold-related diseases, flu, meningitis.


It is used for treatment of bone diseases, spine, joints (scoliosis, polyarthritis, saline polyarthritis, infectious polyarthritis), the consequences of injuries. The channel is used for energy massage and for posture awareness, promotes the disappearance of spinal disc herniations, breaks down saline deposits.


It cleans, eliminates energy stagnation, breaks the energy blocks (in organs and in the whole energy body). It is used for treatment the diseases of hepar, kidneys, straight intestine, gynecological and urological problems, impotence. Breakdown and removal of stones and sand from the kidneys, hepar, gall bladder, bile ducts, bladder. It works on sinusitis and purification of the lungs from phlegm.

Magister’s block of channels–BRIEFLY




Against adepts of black magic (energy twins, sorcerers). It is a good defense against any aggression. Allows you to achieve the desired results invisibly, quickly and effectively.

Astral'nyj Poroshok

(Astral Powder)

This channel is universal, for treatment of all diseases. Cleans and restores diseased organs when other channels do not help. Especially works well against cancer. Slows inflammatory and cancerous processes, reduces patients’ suffering, even in hopeless cases.


(Doctor of the Gods)
Only for healing yourself or another Magister (for treatment of all diseases).


It provides access to cosmic levels and movements in parallel worlds. It works on everything connected with the head and the psyche: hysteria, schizophrenia, alcohol, etc.


The channel for Magister’s protection. It tightens the energy field.


It is used for astral travelling. Works well paired with the channel “Lej-Gunn”. Regarding health, Nalli heals everything that concerns sex: impotence, the prostata gland, adrenal glands, etc.


Against cancers (except stomach cancer and cancer of the 4th degree). It breaks any neoplasms: malignant and benign (tumors, cysts, fibroids, etc.).


Against cancers up to 4 degree. Cirrhosis. It is used for protection from Entities and from evil forces during astral travelling on the lower levels. Removes all cemeterial hoo-doo.


Applies against magic and any hostile actions. Heals diseases of the digestive tract.

Tu,  Ukko,  Ajske

Protection, development of energy vision, contacts in parallel worlds. Work only on yourself!


Protection from annoying people – the channel drives away them from the Magister in order not to be disturbed. Breakup of energy ties. Does not cause harm.


Increasing memory, intelligence, craving for knowledge and art, working with the cardiovascular system. Develops transcendental clairgnosis (subtle world), activates the 6th chakra – the third eye, it allows you to process the information from subtle plane by human brains. Cleans consciousness and subconscious from destructive programs. The channel programs positive thinking. Removes sorcery and black magic.


It is used for protection from Entities during astral travelling.


Destruction of Entities; cleaning of premises, which has no analogues.


It influences on the change of person's decisions.


Gives an advantage in dispute, tenders, auctions, etc.

Kanal Fantomnyh Operacij


(Channel for Phantom Operations)

It makes it possible to heal people at a distance, and also to conduct other various actions at a considerable distance from yourself, using your own energy twin (the phantom).


A powerful channel of love and sex, which has no analogues in Cosmoenergetics. A person who is under the influence of this channel causes sympathy and vivid feelings from the opposite sex.


Informational channel. Answers any questions, contributes to the development of clairvoyance.


The analogue of channel “Sirius”.